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Bluebits allows you to be a (real)
part of art and entertainment projects around the world.

You support creators, receive Bluebits - digital collectibles that make you a partner in their projects - and receive financial benefits, while giving them the resources to express themselves (freely).


* It is one of the 320 Kirlian Bluebits


With your contribution as an investor, you receive a unique, original, and highly traceable digital collectible of the film, granting you access to a universe of benefits and a direct link with the creators.

Frecuencia Kirlian Frecuencia Kirlian
Frecuencia Kirlian
Frecuencia Kirlian

Economic benefits

After each sale of the film to streaming platforms, cinematic exhibitions, or licensing to TV channels, you will receive profit payments in stable currency automatically deposited into the wallet where you have your bluebits stored.


You can transfer the economic rights of the film by selling your bluebits to other investors worldwide on the platform's secondary market or any other ERC-721 token marketplace. Alternatively, you can gift them to a friend, making them a part of our community.

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Bluebits are regulated and represent a public offer of investment. They are validated by an Investment Services Company (ESI) registered with the National Commission for Monetary and Securities of Spain (CNMV).
Bluebits are ERC721 tokens that can be bought and sold on secondary exchanges, providing investors with a dynamic and straightforward way to liquidate their assets quickly.
Owning Bluebits can grant you a series of additional benefits. These may include access to exclusive content, a direct connection with project creators, reception of Digital Collectibles, and priority when investing in new projects funded through Bluebits.
Bluebits is a tool that democratizes investment. Anyone on the internet can participate with simple identification processes and minimum contributions (much lower than traditional investments).
Bluebits are highly traceable. Each token can be individually identified, revealing the number of sales they have had, the previous owners, and the benefits they have accessed.
We support and bring together creators and investors in a collaborative environment, where we collectively drive innovative art and entertainment projects towards new horizons.

Active Projects

150 available bluebits


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XXX available bluebits